Hi Everyone, You know, it is guided that we all should be taking this essence right

now and higher guidance had me put it on sale.


“I am the healing of my Mother’s Heart.”

“My dearest children, I am Mary. Children, I am with you as always for I am your Mother
and a Mother is always with her children in her heart, is she not? I greet you this day and I
bring you this most lovely bouquet of flowers that represent the gift of healing for the
heart of ONE. What do I mean by the heart of ONE? This is my children, the ever beating
heart of the Mother, yes it beats within me and within you and it rhythmically beats within
itself and throughout and within our Gaia and even beyond.
I have said to all of you that my heart is your heart, yes I duplicate my heart and your
heart and my heart beat as ONE, and all hearts and my heart beat as ONE, and the heart
of the Mother (Gaia and I are ONE) beats as ONE. Need I say more children? Here – I give
you this bouquet of flowers, discover for yourself these blessed flowers that bring together
my most precious flower essence combination HEALING MOTHER’S HEART. ”
This extraordinary essence is so much stronger than we had anticipated. Through the
years it has been shown to clear negative patterns and imprints in the energetic totality and
especially the fourth chakra area. Rosa Gallica, known as the “Mother of all Roses,” holds us
in her energetically protective embrace while we retune our heart chakra to its original
perfection. This essence unburdens our hearts of their deepest aches and sorrows (and
don’t we need this right now?) and heals the voids so that we are restored to wholeness.
This essence is a powerful healer for the broken hearted and gently opens the heart after
one has shut it down. We have seen this overcome so many adverse circumstances. The
essence combination holds a particular vibration that is very protective of heart chakra
This flower essence contains:
Rosa Gallica – “Mother of All Roses,” that holds us in an energetically protective embrace.
Pink Water Lily – Unburdens us of our deepest aches and sorrows.
Gooseberry- Heals the void left where something has been taken away, restores
Wild Strawberry – “I am a sweet heart.”
Bleeding Heart and Hawaiian Bleeding Heart – “I am a love that intoxicates.”
Lavender – “I am perfected electrical flow.”
Heliotrope – “I am the practice of prayer bringing the gift of grace.”
Blackberry – For the rhythms of our heart and our life.
Sarah Van Fleet Rose – Soothes and calms our electrical systems during turbulent times.
The Mary Rose – Enlivens the threefold flame of divine power, wisdom and love and
cleanses the heart chakra.
Carmaieus Rose – Softens the integration of painful memories and realizations.
Hawthorn – The heart chakra essence for giving and receiving, like the breath, the greater
the inhale, the greater the exhale and of course then, the greater the next inhale.
Agrippina Rose – Illuminate and brings forward our own abilities to heal the heart.
Rosa Banksia – Offers the complete vibrational experience of unconditional love, even if we
are not feeling that way all the time.
Also Begonia, Passion Flower, Rue, White Bleeding Heart, Pebble Pin Cushion,
Red Chestnut, Coconut Palm, Indian Pipe, Dombeya Wallichii, California Poppy,
Lady’s Mantle, Lupine, Zinnia, Hyssop, Cardinal Flower and the gem essence of
Pink Quartz.

This is the essence of Pine imprinted in water. “Hi Elizabeth, this flower essence reading is absolutely
spot on! Let’s move forward with the order. Thanks for your time in conversation today, and with this
reading.” “SPECIAL PRAYERS and your words of wisdom gave me such a big smile as I havebeen like a house on fire,
energized by my list of things to take care of while I’m in _______. And everything has gone likeclockwork! It’s been great!”
“I love your note. Such a good advice 🙂 Sending you a big hug and big love.”

“What a great month so far! I think the Special Prayers has infused so much energy and motivation in me. I have been so incredibly
efficient and productive, without the exhaustion that usually follows afterwards. I am extremely grateful and hope that this continues, as
I need it to make the major changes in my life. Things have also been EASEFUL and MAGICAL. So amazing. I’ve been excited and happy, and
joyful and content in my days and actions, no matter what I’m doing.”

“Thank you very much for
reading my energy and
working with all the spiritual
helpers in finding the right
flower essences. They both
make total sense! I have
felt for a long time that my
physical body isn’t aligned
with my inner knowing and
“Dearest Liz, Beautiful
reading and spot on for

We need chaos to rebuild.

Yes, it seems like total chaos out there and it is! But this is what we are to expect as we progress towards the Heaven on Earth we know in our hearts of hearts is due as a complete manifestation in the years to come. And I see so many signs of positive upheaval and healing. Universal Mother Mary asked that I share with you all of the benefits of taking the HEALING MOTHER’S HEART flower essence combination especially at this time. You can order it on sale for $25.50 at:


If you would like other essences to go with this essence, you can
always have me do a reading for you. There is never a charge
and much will be revealed. Many love and light blessings,
elizabeth (P.S. Reply to this email or call 715-272-1593). P.P.S.
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