Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year! Hope you all had a truly beautiful holiday season full of
love, light, laughter, and inner peace. Maybe you are thinking about a
New Year’s resolution for 2024. It is supposed to be a wonderful year with
a huge reduction in the number of obstacles in our paths! I know one of
my own resolutions is to make sure I leave plenty of time for spiritual
study. We forget that we have access to a vast array of spectacular
manuscripts that have been painstakingly translated by incredibly gifted
translators. The insights and wisdom that we can glean are truly beyond
measure. I have felt continuously inspired in my recent Upanishad


When I was becoming a yoga teacher in the early 1980’s, we had only a
few textbooks that had been translated into English, and the magazine
Yoga Journal that was available to us. There was one TV show called
Lilias, Yoga, and You, (This is really dating me!!!;) It is so hard to believe
that now, right? , Just look at the endless numbers of books, magazines,
translations, blogs, websites, podcasts, etc. etc. available to us. But are
we reading and listening to the very best and refined knowledge that is
out there or are we rather mindlessly listening to whatever is coming up
next in the feed? In any other life time up until now, I would have had to

have been incredibly fortunate to get access to The Upanishads!!! I
would have to have been a Socrates, a Thoreau, an Epictetus, an
Aurelius, a Nietzsche, etc. Now, just a few years later really, we ALL have
access to the most shining knowledge bases out there, and I encourage
you to seek them out. They make a huge difference. These Upanishads
have the ability to keep you in more and more perpetual states of

enlightened beingness!!!!!

Unfortunately I am traveling home in just a few short hours and don’t
have much time to share, but let’s just take a tiny glimpse at another
Upanishad. Like I mentioned, The Upanishads can be easily digested in
bits and pieces. A phrase in a notebook, a meaningful quotation I printed
out, or even a little watercolor I made of a bird with some lines that I now
realize are from the Brihadaranyaka can be pieces as we put together the

beautiful puzzle. And every piece is worth finding.

Remember from our last newsletter that the word “upanishad” means
“sitting down near” which is a translation and image I just love. Imagine,
now, that you are at the feet of a most beloved teacher, guru, or saint and
you are in a place of opening to “spiritual instruction.” Even if we just
take in a tiny bit of this wisdom, each time we make the effort, know that
the knowledge is cumulative and it goes really deep into our totality and
is truly a priceless gift. On the surface it may not seem like much, but,
pay attention, it is profound, and deep, and utterly spot on. This profound

knowledge really will answer your deepest questions.

The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

Brihadaranyaka means “of the great forest.” One of the funny things
about the Upanishads is that for me, they feel like a big zoom lens,
focusing us into what we really need to know right now for our most
efficient next step. It is said that one reason for this name is that this
Upanishad is by far the longest of them all. So yes, there is a large

exploration that is necessary. Also, if you take some time, this Upanishad
can be like walking through a great forest with paths that can be
unpredictable, terrain that can get challenging, and there can be lots of
shifts in your surroundings and even quite a bit of #%@& happening!

One of the highlights in the exploration of this forest (of the
Brihadaranyaka)is the potent practice offered of damyata datta
dayadhvam. It means “be self-controlled, give, and be compassionate.”
These three words have assisted countless seekers in reorienting their

lives to a supreme goal.

Here’s Chapter V:

What the Thunder Said:

The children of Prajapati, the Creator – gods, human
beings, and asuras, the godless – lived with their father as
students. When they had completed the allotted period the gods said.

“Venerable One, please teach us.”
Prajapati answered with one syllable: “Da.”
“Have you understood?” he asked.

“Yes,” they said. “You have told usdamyata, be self-controlled.”

“You have understood,” he said.

Then the human beings approaced. “Venerable One, please teach us.”

Prajapati answered with one syllable: “Da.”
“Have you understood?” he asked.
“Yes,” they said. “You have told usdatta, give.”
“You have understood.” he said.

Then the godless approached. “Venerable One, please teach us.”

Prajapati answered with the same syllable: Da.”
“Have you understood?” he asked.

“Yes,” they said. “You have told usdayadhvam, be compassionate.”

“You have understood.” he said.

The heavenly voice of the thunder repeats this teaching. Da-da-da! Be

self-controlled! Give! Be compassionate!
OM shanti shanti shanti

How about trying a little Da-da-da as a New Year’s Resolution? You won’t

regret it.

Come on you all- get some momentum going for this New Year. My
healings have been an amazing support system for so many! I have
trained and practiced for so many years. You will be getting the best out
there! Are you really putting in all the efforts you possibly can to be the
very best version you can be for this year and the precious years
ahead??? And are you keeping up with flower essences. There is no
better way to clear your head and gain much greater clarity for your life


Healings for January 2024:

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Every other day healings are on even days and ALWAYS on Mondays.

Sending many blessings of love and light, elizabeth