Hi Everyone! In the last newsletter we looked at the subtle ways that
we could detect whether the relationships we were involved in were
healthy or maybe not so healthy. We discussed emotional hedging,
subtle belittling, dismissive comments, failure to keep promises,
trivializing successes, being kept in self-doubt, a perpetual lack of
reciprocity, being trapped in a place of guilt and compliance, and a

lot more.

In this newsletter we will examine what we are looking for in a
healthy relationship. Spoiler Alert: See the 4th way! There is hard
work to be done to reach this stage of consciouness and being in
relationship. It will take courage, determination, persistence, healing
programs (mine are sooo good – they make you an excellent sleuth at
figuring out your next steps) and faith. Here are 4 ways that can help
you to know that your relationship is genuine and healthy:

Promises Are Kept – Somewhere I read a quote that said “Don’t respect
someone for making a promise, but respect them for keeping it.” If a
promise is important enough to make, it should be important enough to
keep it. Keeping promises creates a sense of integrity and trust. These
people have a commitment to their values. They know how to lay a
foundation for the relationship that is infused with reliability and


Emotional Honesty – when we are in a relationship full of emotional
integrity, each person has developed a way to express their feelings that
is completely honest, balanced, harmonious, consistent, and even
perhaps a bit resilient in its expression. They have built an ability to
communicate that is based on complete trust. They are able to share
their vulnerabilities without fear of retaliation; meaning you can know
that your preceived weakenesses won’t be used against you in the future.

In the last newsletter I wrote about how someone can feel “emotionally
trimmed down” (like a bush getting an extreme pruning). To contrast, in a
healthy relationship you can feel that you are emotionally “enhanced”
which is such an amazingly supportive way to be for our best expansion

of our consciousness

Mutually Enriching And Full Of Genuine Support- we look for a
relationship as one of mutual care and know that it comes with this sense
of giving and receiving in a flow. I used the analogy last time of the act of
breathing. You breathe in and you receive and you breathe out and you
give. The relationship is a comfortable ebb and flow of nurturing.

In successful relationships the two individuals each have their own
circular spaces or auras around them, and as they come together, there
is also the shared space where there is the blend of their auras. This
shared area of the relationship is where it can be continually nourished
and will, therefore, thrive. The two of you, although fully embodied in

your own totalities add to this “third shared space” and become even
more empowered and exquisite. You were separate entities that through
joining and nurturing amplify and potentize your shared space and

become way more than just the two halves.

Ideally, you have come together because you are a passionate and divine
blend of frequencies that harmonize and bring about bliss, joy,
fulfillment, inner peace, and higher and higher frequencies and
consciousness for yourselves, and the planet.

You Have Done The Work- this criteria for healthy relationships is the
hard part. It is so much more difficult to be in a deeply healthy
relationship that is as genuine and as loving as we are describing here. If
you are wondering why you haven’t reached this stage in your journey, it
may be that there is just more work to do around it and know that it will
be worth it and in perfect divine order once you are ready.

There is no question that we will have trouble attracting a healthy
relationship if we haven’t done the really challenging work of
comprehensively taking long hard looks at our past relationships that we
have been in and clearing out ALL of the detritus, issues, toxicities,
energetic cords, old patterns, conditioned responses, emotional baggage
and much more. Our goal is for our NOVA Earth/ NOVA being
relationships to come into partnership with beings that have a
transparency that is crystal clear. We want to be emitting a certain
“cleaned and cleared up” frequency which will then be highly
magnetizing for the “other” (equally “cleaned and cleared up”) being that
has also done the difficult work. These relationships will be highly
joyous, passionate, fulfilling, peaceful, blissful, energizing and of course,
loving. They will be a magnificent expression of divinity in spiritual
partnership. They will continue to bring about the Heaven on Earth we all
know is upon us.


” In the healings I have seen that there has been some major work in the process between myself
and my partner and he reached out Sunday to say that he wants to return to being in the
partnership that we have worked together on for a long time. I am so grateful.I have trust and faith
that the divine knows what is best for me. I hold patience for divine timing. I remember that I am
love and light. I continue to follow my path and purpose.I am forever grateful for all the support
and guidance that you have provided me on my journey. Mahalo for following your purpose.You
are a gift to all of us and I for one am incredulous at what can happen for us through these

“Since Monday night, #3 transmission, I asked my soul for help letting go of toxic partner. While I
was taking small kind steps to make it happen he “got it” and stepped away gracefully! Wow!
Effortless! So grateful for your work at this most important time of my transformation! Feeling
closer to being ready to step through the Gateway of my New Life!I feel the Fire Purification and
Special Prayers along with the transmissions will be powerful tight at my birthday!”

“This is wonderful and perfect. I have been wanting deeply to connect with and remember my
soul’s purpose, what I am, where I came from, and what my part is this time. I want to know my
souls’ relationship and be in integrity with them. I am very excited to be part of all that you do and
to realign with my inner Song .Thank you for all you do,In light and love”
Many blessings of love and light, elizabeth

My healings are well-known for their ability to help you recognize relationships
for what they are and to move in a continuous flow towards healing them in
ways that bring great fulfillment. If you want to receive healing energies to
evolve your light body, do not hesitate to reply to this newsletter or call me at
715-272-1593. You can also request a flower essence reading that will look at
your relationship specifically and recommend the most auspcious flower