Hi Everyone! Like some of the gorgeous flowers in my garden I do hope you are all in full
bloom in all areas of your life! The most beauteous Lilacs are in full bloom in Northern
Wisconsin and to me they are of great excitement as these fragrant flowers offer a very
magical portal and all you have to do is inhale their sensuous perfume (or partake of its flower
essence!)The affirmation of this divine and sublime flower is “I am the inhale of mystery and
the exhale of magic.” Here is an excerpt from my book (link below) from the Lilac’s “speak.”
In other words, here is the “medicine” they offer at the level of a flower essence:
“I am the sweet perfume of the Violet Lilac. I carry my fragrance in the arms of my branches
and send it lovingly towards those that are nearby. I am quite delighted if you happen to come
closer and inhale deeply of my blossoms, for therin is the key that unlocks great stores of
knowledge from Lemurian times. We have created such a fun way to access our secrets,
have we not? Your nose is the key to our secret combination. This is why we smell so good.
It is difficult enough for us to get you to pay attention to us, how else can we convey our
message? Stand in my arms and take a long slow inhale, letting my fragrance infuse your
senses with rhythmic waves of lavender loveliness. Now find a quiet spot to sit a bit in
contemplation. Be patient and you will KNOW….The mysteries of magic are revealed to those
that attend to their intuitive instincts.” (You can download or purchase my book to learn all
about what Lilac (and many other flowers) has to offer as her medicine at this link – here.
May has been a wonderful month for gardening and the gardens have never looked better. I
felt as if I was supported on a bed/cloud of roses all month. I have been weeding,
transplanting and planting like crazy. Flowers are starting to look sooooooooooooooooo good
and the deva and nature spirit energies are thriving!
There was a recent media release on my research that involved sending energy
healing for 5 minutes daily for 14 days. The results showed:

Over 250% increase in collegen
Over 220% increase in bone mineralization
Over 85 % increase in ALP, a highly beneficial bone specific enzyme.
See this link for this new release!
The research suggests maintenance and improvement of strong healthier bones and
mentions that strong and healthy bones ultimately greatly increase the quality of life. It

mentons that my energy treatments have potential effects for anti-inflammatory, anti-
aging, anti-stress, anti-arthritic, anti-osteoporus, and much more.

How many healers do you know that have 11 research projects published in peer-
reviewed scientific journals to give their healing validation and credibility? This is such

an important aspect of what is coming in the future with our understanding of healing.
The reason I did this, not because I did not believe in remote healing ( I always have)
but because so many of my clients had been victims of healers that gave them no
results or benefits. Not only that, but there are huge populations of people that
require scientific verification before that will change their opinions, This is a very
important step that is changing our perspective of remote healing. Remember when
energy healing was a little woo woo? Now remote healing is gaining credibility as a
sound scientifically proven modality.

DISCLAIMER – Please note that my energy healing abilities have been tested and validated via preclinical cell-based and mouse-model experiments. I have not done any clinical trial that suggests any kind of results or benefits related to human health. No human health-related benefits have been scientifically validated, and I do not give any guarantee to provide any kind of health benefits.

Here is a Rumi phrase that I have been enjoying.”When I run after what I think I want, my
days are a furnace of stress and anxiety; if I sit in my own place of patience, what I
need flows to me without pain. From this, I understand that what I want also
wants me. There is a great secret here for anyone who can grasp it.” I think that this
is such a timely message for us in these hectic and stress filled times!
Healings for the month of June are:
Mondays, June 3, 10, 17 and 24. Twin Flame Healings are administered by Universal
Mother Mary every Monday night!
Thursdays, 6, 13, 20 and 27.
Saturdays, 1, 8, 15, 22 and 29. (Complimentary healing if you have healings on
Saturdays – for June 29th.
You can order healings at the website.
Many blessings of love and light, elizabeth (P.S.) I had computer issues and could
not get this out early on Monday, so if you are reading this on Tuesday, I will have a
night devoted to healings on June 4 for anyone that is signing up at the last minute!


“This is a follow-up about the consultation… While I used my intuition to pick
some flower essences, I still felt called to ask you for a reading. Now that I’ve
been taking the flower essences, I realize this is probably because of how
my energy would shift rapidly and that the next step might more easily come
from another perspective.
I deeply appreciate the flower essences I’ve tried so far. They are the
strongest and deepest I’ve ever tried. Thank you so much. No alcohol makes
such a difference, as does your guidance from Mary. I’ve started regularly
taking the Worthiness blend, and occasionally taking Solomon’s Seal and
Twin Flame Karma Release. The blends are so powerful that I felt taking the
Worthiness blend first would help me hold the energy of the other two
blends. Thank you so much for these blessings.”