Hi Everyone, The first formal FIRE AND FLOWER
CEREMONIES were just fantastic. Each ritual got even
more potentized then the previous one. I can’t begin to
describe how “cleaned up” (yup, no question, they are
purifying 🙂 I felt and many of you shared that you were
able to shed a thick veil of “debris.” Once you get clear,
you are amazed at how all of the old conditioning,
patterns, worrying, self worth issues, etc. don’t mean a
thing. You feel as if your life is a very, very wide highway
with no, zero, obstacles. You literally know you can do
anything once you take action!!!!!!! Once you experience
this state just once, you will try again and again to get
back to this state of being, and each time you will hold it
for longer and longer periods. Here are just a few shares:
“These ceremonies were so beautiful they moved me to
tears! I could feel the energy cursing through my body
last night and stayed tuned into its motion and my
intention to let everything go. On waking today I received
a text message advising that one of the ongoing
‘pressures’ that had seemed so ‘unmovable’, is being
resolved!! This was so unexpected and so heartwarming
and I felt this to be a confirmation that all of the
‘perceived’ burdens and energetic blocks that I asked to
be lifted, to fully free me for God’s work, are being taken
away during this purification one by one. I can only
imagine what delightful surprises are still to unfold during
SPECIAL PRAYERS and how with each moment of
release and cleansing, life will be able to come through
us more powerfully and through us, his vessels, reach
out and lift others. How blessed we are and how magical
that it can be so effortless and simple.”
“Truly BEAUTIFUL Liz, I woke up at 12:30 am and felt
like I was being hugged by the divine. A very powerful
“During the Fire meditation I witnessed a subatomic field
of energy. Peaceful, colorful energy- flying, and
changing. Beautiful images appearing, flying in a space
from another realm. In the middle of flame- image of
Mary with a child !Beautiful purest color images!”
“So beautiful!!! Thank you for all your deep connective
abilities, caring, love, and devotion!!! Thank you for
holding the best and Highest for each of us.”
“So beautiful to hear of last nights fire and flowers, and
plants, I’m feeling so crystal clear from when I woke up,
so gentle so much love, last night was a physical purging
or lower back pain. Everything is so bright and crystalline
– you, Thank you, Thank you.”
Love is not what you feel, love is what you do!!!!!! So
when you become so crystal clear and unveiled, it is time
to do God’s work! It is time to take action!

I like these song lyrics by Andra Day:
Stand up for something.
You can have, you can have everything.
But what does it, what does it mean?
It all means nothing if you don’t stand up
for something.
You can’t just talk the talk,
You got to walk that walk, yes you do.
It all means nothing if you don’t stand up for
Take a stand, make a stand for what’s right.
It’s always worth, always worth the fight.
The lyrics to this song emphasize how important it is to take
action. You definitely can’t just feel into something and get it all
accomplished. It is far more difficult to dig a well, then to imagine
digging a well, but you have to walk the walk because you need
the water to survive. The strength you gain through digging that
well is preparation for the next step in your journey.
In our own lives too, you HAVE to walk the walk because you will
then develop and then chisel into your totality that which is
required for you to do your next step in God’s work/play!
Your next step, the divine would recommend, if you don’t feel
completely clear, just might be to enroll is our fall SPECIAL
PRAYERS coming up next Saturday!
“I just ALWAYS have wonderful experiences during SPECIAL PRAYERS. I was so
happy and expanded, just about always felt blissful and heart centered and in tune
with my Divine. Also the synchronicity has amped up tremendously and people that
I can help in some way keep showing up in a consistent stream. Blessings to you
for all that you are doing.”
” SPECIAL PRAYERS was an awesome time!! I felt even more connected to the
Divine. I was more intuitive I feel like I am walking in intuitiveness. Feel more
vitality and younger!! Yay!! Thank you!! Oh and also my husband was so much
more at peace!”
“SPECIAL PRAYERS was subtle but powerful!! Confidence & clarity came through
for me to honor my divine abilities & it is my duty to share with as many as I can. I
feel peace with this. Now I am taking the steps to start marketing myself! Much
clarity & peace! Simply beautiful! Thank you for YOU Elizabeth & all of my Guides. I
don’t know why I am able to live in such joy, love & light while others struggle so
much or never get to experience even a small portion of what I do but, I am
honoring my SPIRIT & DIVINE & I just simply want to help as many animals,
people & all living beings reach their highest vibration. ”
“Elizabeth: Yes, SPECIAL PRAYERS was huge & way beyond any expectations,
etc.. I loved it; everything about it What we all received is way beyond; I kept
receiving something really special, etc., but all this is truly glorious. Thank you for
your spectacular space in praying for all of us plus more than I could possibly
imagine. I am most happy to hear how happy you are with the outcome plus for
“Special Prayers”. Your work is glorious & getting quite HUGE!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so
much for all of this & your beautiful healings.”
“Thank you Elizabeth for SPECIAL PRAYERS!!!! After a few years I feel that all of
my dreams have come true.”
“I just wanted to share a beautiful experience I had on Saturday night, the third
night of SPECIAL PRAYERS. At some point in the night I was aware of
experiencing very loving energies in the house with me and not only surrounding
me, but filling me with a wonderful sense of peace, comfort, compassion, and love.
It was a really exquisite experience and I woke on Sunday morning feeling filled
with these energies. Since Saturday night I have a had a sense of something
having shifted in me, and of being more connected with this loving, peaceful
energy. I feel expanded in some very positive way and it is wonderful!”
“Thank you for a truly lovely Special Prayers experience. I’m so glad I made the
decision to take this step with you and I’m basking in the beauty of the experience.
Much love and gratitude to you Elizabeth.”
“I am moved, and really touched, to read about the fire ceremony and all the special
additional processes that are going on for each of us at this time. It is wonderful to
know that you’re out there doing all of this for us, and I feel strengthened by
it. Feeling very gifted and grateful right now, and send you much love.”
“I am deeply grateful, that we can receive the prayers, transmissions
and essences. I felt the purity and beauty of light of this energy. It was so amazing.
Thank you Elizabeth for your willingness to be the vehicle for these magnificent
energies to be transported to the planet. The depth and dimensional realms seem
vast. I am not able adequately able to describe them. They are like multi
holographical rainbows and spheres yet so much more than that.”
“As of Friday in SPECIAL PRAYERS, I’ve had an uplifted feeling that FREEDOM is
now mine to behold and live from this day forward. I am FREE of acting roles in
other people’s drama movies. I choose to be the lead actress in my own fun and
joyful movie!”
“Thank for the SPECIAL PRAYERS, healings and essences. I truly see results in
my life and I value your work and you.”
We still have a few spots left for SPECIAL PRAYERS. They start
Oct. 17th and go for 9 days. It is going to be fantastic. Join us.
Love is not what you feel, it is what you do!!!!! Many love and light
blessings, elizabeth


Elizabeth, Do you recommend exercise and if so, how often?
I place a very high priority on having a blissed out relationship with my body. I love to study how energy flows through my totality and excelling in a sport is a great way to have a better understanding of that flow and helps me to push myself to greater comprehension. I hire coaches to work with me and set challenging goals for myself. I exercise at least 5 X a week for 2-3
hours each time.