We love, love, love our new FACIAL REJUVENATION SPRAY BOTTLE but we have kept the
ingredients just the same because they were perfect in the first place!!! THOSE PESKY 2 OZ.
the price went up just $2.95 (From $35 for the 2 oz. to $37.95 for the 4 oz.) HERE IS THE DESCRIPTION OF FACIAL REJUVENATION!!!

Years ago, one of my clients requested that we make a facial rejuvenation spray and the
devas enthusiastically responded way beyond all of our expectations!!!! All we have to do is
ask!!!!!!!! This is my own go to spray that I have preferred for years over all the others out
there (and believe me, I have tried a lot of them!!!) This combination formula contains 12
physical flower essences and many, many etheric essences. The base of the spray is
certified organic Bulgarian Rose Water. It also contains the essence of the semi-precious

stone – Jade.
Here is what this spray will do:

1. Provides access to the etheric energy of the ancient rejuvenation chambers.

2. Balances the 2 sides of the face.

3. Assists in reversing the flow of energy from flowing down to flowing up in the face.

4. Corrects flows in perception of beauty.

5. Invigorates prana.

6. Expresses the enlightened embodiment for a human and the blueprint of the face.

7. Feeds to us etherically the nectar of immortality, reminds cells that they are immortal.

8. Lessens impacts of cultural beliefs about beauty.

9. Brings about joy in the facial expression.

10. Helps us to love our face unconditionally.

The following flower essences are in this spray: Cucumber (that is the yellow flower shown
on the label image above) for mastery of emotional energy, Sago Palm for blueprints for
enlightened embodiment, Century Plant for rethinking our typical thoughts about the aging
process, Black Ebony for skin protection from unhealthy rays of sun and absorbing the
healthy ones, Precious Blood for circulation and health of the blood, Mallow (that is the
pink flower on the label shown above) clearing old thought patterns about aging, Maltese
Cross for the constant “tearing, stresses etc” to the skin of the face, helping it return to its
wholeness, Meadowsweet for not judging ourselves harshly, Blackberry for the return to
the right rhythm of the way the skin dies on the face and is rebirthed, Red Currant for the
blueprint of a molecule in perfect health, the orchid, Renewing Life that clears negative
energetic patterns on the cellular level that relate to aging and White Peony (the white flower
on the label above for purity and beauty. We waited and watched for another 5 – 7 minutes

while etheric beings made contributions to this amazing formula.
Directions for Use: Wash face with pure water. Close eyes and spray Facial
Rejuvenation onto slightly damp face. Gently pat face dry. Then with the palms
both) facing your face , little fingers together, and with the palms about 1⁄2 inch
away from the face, make heart shaped circular motions with your hands. The
etheric movement with the hands in front of the facial aura speeds up the “gap
time” or time in which an energetic remedy creates an actual physical
change!!!!!!!!!Be sure to smile! No more worry lines allowed!!!

Sorry I still haven’t had a chance to get this on the website but just reply to this
newsletter or call 715-272-1593 and we will get it sent right out for you!

“I am writing to let you
know about my experience
of receiving the Special
Prayers. On my healing
journey I have
experienced many
different types of healings
and have been a part of
many different rituals. The
special prayers have been
one of the most beautiful
and powerfully healing
experiences so far. I felt
so loved and supported by
the Universe during the 10
days of Special Prayer.
My intuition was much
better than it has been in
a long time. I also


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