What can you get excited about or enthusiastic about today? Can you plan into each and
every day something that you can get really passionate about? Why not pack this kind of
energized wonderfulness into each day? This active planning can get you on the road to
feeling more and more positive about your life even if you are not quite on track yet,
because day by day, you are finding your way towards adding more and more bliss to each
hour of your day. This kind of energized attitude magnetizes in the right vibration that you
will feel all the time once you are the most complete expression of your soul destiny path.
And it is so so so much better then being in the complaining mode that I so often hear. Here
are some ideas of some things that you might like, I know I so look forward to these:
1. Plan hikes on trails (or trips, or excursions) you haven’t been on yet. I have a trail map
for my region and I am sure you can get hold of one for your area and am slowly checking
off all of the wilderness trails that I walk each weekend. Yesterday to celebrate the end of
SPECIAL PRAYERS, I was on a new trail in the Catherine Wolter Wilderness owned by the
Nature Conservancy. It is located in Presque Isle (about an hour north of where I live)
which is known as the “last wilderness.” It was so beautiful and I was in complete bliss the
entire trail (some of that may have been the ripple effect of an amazing SPECIAL PRAYER period.)

2. Challenge yourself to play a sport. I love, love, love to work out and this can be
accomplished solo, but it is also incredibly fun to play games with others. This doesn’t have
to be competitive (or maybe just a little but have fun with it) and it is so good for us. Did you
know that research shows that the happiest, most fulfilled people work out hard 3-4 times a week?

3. I am huge into cooking beautiful food for myself, my partner and for others as well. Two
of my current favorite cookbooks are Clean Eats by Alejandro Junger and Medical Medium
Life-Changing Foods by Anthony William. (He also wrote Medical Medium – Secrets Behind

Chronic and Mystery Illness and How to Finally Heal – amazing).

4. Have a project that you want to do planned out and take the first steps towards bringing it
into manifestation. Ignite each step with enthusiasm! Practice on the small stuff first.
Maybe it is learning to knit a scarf to start and advancing to mittens in the future. For me, I
like to be constantly thinking and planning and writing my current book. To keep nourishing
and nuturing the project, I use the inspiration of the mother hen. She is such a wonderfully

nurturing example for all of us.

5. Take a course – right now I am taking one on getting my brain on my side!
6. Plan on doing one thing each day that makes someone else in our lives happy. This for
me brings even greater excitement to my day, as I think about how I can make a loved one
or neigbor or even a stranger happy. Tomorrow, my neighbor down the road will be getting
one of my jars of homemade organic apple pear butter. I think I am more excited than
even she will be!!! Even if you can just say something hilarious or positive to a complete stranger, you have helped to make that person’s day better!

Sigmund Freud wrote this:

The question of the purpose of human life has been raised countless times; it has never
yet received a satisfacory answer and perhaps does not admit of one…We will therefore
turn to the less ambitious question of what {humans} show by their behavior to be the
purpose and intention of their lives. What do they demand of life and wish to achieve by
it? The answer to this can hardly be indoubt. They strive after happiness; they want to become happy and to remain so.”

The more that you practice this, the more it will snowball into your whole day!!

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Here are two of the many testimonials I constantly receive; these came in just before I sat down to write this newsletter:

” I do feel I had a breakthrough this week and I’m sure it was due to the extra wonderful
energy coming from the special prayers. I feel much more confident, grounded and secure
in my self and that feels really good! Thank you and the divine for this wonderful time. ”
“Elizabeth, how much I am in appreciation of your flower essences. They are just so very
obviously helpful. I don’t quite know how to put it into words, but seriously, I have tried many, and your essences are off the charts.”

You will never get to higher states of
consciousness all by yourself.

Hi Everyone!!! SPECIAL PRAYERS was just such an awesome experience these last 10 days. If you were part of it, I know that you are feeling the
magic as well.

One of the concepts I kept thinking about during
SPECIAL PRAYERS was how extraordinary it is (and powerful
too) to do things with others. I am reminded that at almost
every juncture of my own steps in expansion of consciousness, it
was reaching out to get help that made a huge difference. I am
not saying that you can’t do some of your journey on your own,
of course you can, but the truly memorable moments of
incredible expansion, vast infinite ONENESS, waves of bliss so
wonderful I couldn’t move and deep inner peace were not
attainable for me without reaching out to others.
I think that one of the biggest mistakes that we make in the
midst of moving from lower states of consciousness to higher
states is that we don’t think that we need help. We think that we
can do it ourselves. I see it in my clients. They erroneously
have decided that they don’t need to reach out, that they are
intelligent enough to figure it out. In fact to me, a sign of a
lower state of consciousness is a person that does not reach out
and hold the hand of a wayshower from time to time. It’s a lot
of fun, brings happiness and is ever transforming us to greater
awareness and expansions beyond what we ever thought
attainable. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (P.S.
Studies show that people always read the P.S. 🙂 so you must
be still reading – whoop! whoop! – The Greek word for
meaningful, deep, rich, happiness was eudaimonia which
literally means “good spirits.”!!!!!!!!!!