Hi Everyone! I have been digging deeper to gain a greater knowledge base around the
spiritual aspects of the plants and trees that surround me here in Northern Wisconsin. You
will find more information in upcoming newsletters. Today’s share will be about what the
Ojibwe call “My Elder Sister: Nimisenh, Balsam Fir.” Balsam trees have always been a
favorite of mine. As a small child, and even now, when ever I walk in the woods I like to rub
my fingers on the new growth needles to release their unique fragrance and I bring my
fingers to my nose and inhale deeply. One of the Ojibwe names for the Balsam Tree (you all
know it as the traditional Christmas tree) is Ingiigido’aag which translates as “She Stands at
Prayer for Us.” It is said that this is the tree’s most ancient name and the name for which

Balsam is called in the oldest indigenous stories.

I found this spiritual description of Balsam most intersting. “She Stands at Prayer for Us” or
Balsam can be called upon to pray constantly for us. The native Americans knew that the
blast of the beautiful fragrance of the Balsam tree after a thunderstorm, or at sunrise or
sunset was a prayer or medicine for us and if you want more of her medicine you can ask

that you continue to receive this blessed energy all day long.

As I write this, I am drinking the healing tea of this tree’s needles. It is loaded with vitamin
C and I am quite sure that “My Elder Sister” is taking care of me on many other levels of my

energetic totality.
Balsam Tea

To make a cup, after asking permission, (and for goodness sakes make sure it is correctly
identified as a Balsam:)), and thanking the tree, snip a small branchlet (3-4 inches) of the
newest growth from the end of a branch. Pour boiled, cooled for one minute water over the
needles. Allow the tea to steep, covered, for 1 minute, but no longer. If you leave the
needles in much longer, they will release too much resin and taste more like turpentine.
Strain the tea through a sieve. You want something that is light, and almost like a limeade.



Everyone!!! You still have time to sign up just for SPECIAL PRAYERS!!! This is 10 days of healing and prayers just for you and the cost is $125. SPECIAL PRAYERS is an auspicious spiritual tradition that has taken place for hundreds of years in eastern Asian countries. This period of 10 days, that happens both in the spring and the fall, is part of a natural cycle supported by earth rhythms and cycles. Just as there is a great spurt of growth in plants in the spring, there, can be also, a great spurt of growth for you if you know how to harness it. There have been and continue to be murmurings of a great spiritual awakening on the North American continent. You can feel the rightness of that in our bones right? North America will be a destination in the future (starting even now) for spiritual aspirants. The importance of embedding this earth based celebration on this continent cannot be over emphasized and higher guidance assures us that the benefits for humanity and the earth are both miraculous and profoundly transformative. Your decision to partake of this very special opportunity will bring wonderful expansion in all areas of your life. When you step up to this “charging up” of your spiritual “batteries, you
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For SPECIAL PRAYERS in the fall time of the year there is an
increase in introspection, visions for our dreams, inner
revelation, and great spiritual growth potential. The opposite
qualities that can come at this time of year are depression,
hopelessness, despair and feeling sorry for ourselves. We want
to kick out these qualities that do not serve us in any way any
longer. We want instead to greatly expand our inner lives as
much as we expanded our outer lives in the spring and
summer. You will have wonderful energies that magnetize in
these potentialities. Like an iron rod and a magnet. The iron rod
is not magnetic, but when the atoms are lined up in a certain
way, it becomes magnetic. SPECIAL PRAYERS work at the
atomic level and align you with divine influences.

Or like the flower, at this time of year, we are more like the
seed, gathering inward, inner dedication, commitment, working
on our roots, doing the incubating and the hibernating. Huge
healing, deep rest, and great births can come from these
energies. The flower is not depressed while it is more interior. It
is building its potential and there is great inner excitement and
passion. Choose this flourishing of the flower in your life! It
brings so much fulfillment! You will be saturated. You cup will be
Some other reflections on SPECIAL PRAYER overall:
1. During Special Prayer there is a change of compass
direction if the client needs it. It is only during these
auspicious times that the “stars of a person’s destiny”
can be rearranged. I have experienced this myself!
2. The level of purity of consciousness can be “held”
from the moment of Special Prayer onward. In other
words, there is no two steps forward, one step back
during Special Prayer, and the level attained is “sealed”
in place.
3. Conductivity / Receptivity is much higher during
Special Prayer. I felt like a magnet drawing endless
amounts of energies to me, like a battery being
charged, the energy
then available for a long period afterward as needed.
4. All manner of baggage and negativity and “stains” on
the soul and spirit are removed in an amplified way
during Special Prayer.
5. The Special Prayer dates are a “rare window” of
opportunity for all kinds of dispensations of grace.
6. If you are a person who can’t feel the energies, it
may be that you need to improve your bio-availability.
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