Hi Everyone! Divine guidance has me thinking about courage these past few days and how,
in order to imbue our soul character with courage we are faced with challenges and
struggles in our lives. These are auspicious times to embrace our struggles. Indeed in these
times we want to literally suffuse our characters with courage, persistence and
determination. Why? Because what is the opposite of stuggle? The words harmony
and unity come to mind and just as we have to experience darkness in order to
preceive light, we also have to experience stuggle and discord in order to amplify
the harmoniousness (if that isn’t a word, it is now:)) of the Heaven on Earth we
long for and that I promise you is coming but we must work very hard for it. I love

this quotation by Michelle Obama:

“You should never view your challenges as disadvantage.
Instead, it’s important for you to understand that your experience facing
and overcoming adversity is actually one of your biggest advantages.”
The inspiration here is that when we learn to see struggle as a necessary, important, and
positive part of our journey, then we can find true peace and personal power. And of course
the alternative to struggle and developing courage is to end up in fear, complaining, having
no motivation, non-positive attitude and all that other stuff that we what to kick out from our
entire energetic totality!!! Good flower essences to give us support for our challenges are
FAITH FULL, DETERMINATION, THANK FULL (keeps our outlook positive) and there are

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can be completely confident).

Flower essences, like never before are the solution to clearing old conditioning
and patterning and help us to heal, transform and evolve. As Albert Einstein told
us, the way to solve a problem is to get out of the box within which the problem
was created. Flower essences raise us to another octave of healing at the level of
the energetic field. Before we can heal the physical, we must heal at the
energetic level. On the website, flower essences are arranged in two ways, alphabetically
(Products A-Z) and by collection. You can browse both ways and learn a lot. We have over
185 different flower essences to address all the concerns that arise as we continue to evolve

into our most unlimited version of our enlightened beingness.


Many of you asked about whether you can receive the Trivedi Effect Energies after
seeing the video that was featured in my last newsletter. Yes!! Absolutely you are getting
the Trivedi Effect through my healing program. I have been studying and mentoring with
Mahendra Trivedi for 7 years now and will have over a dozen articles in peer reviewed,
science journals validating those abilities. Not only that, but you also receive from Universal
Mother Mary, Lao Tsu, Angels of Pure Consciousness, Deva and Nature Spirit Energies and
from a host of other energies all of love and light frequencies. See the website on the
“Remote Healing Program” for more details and photos of plants receiving energies and
plants that did not. And yes, even more – your home, its surroundings and all the members
of your household are receiving these energies. I recently visited a home of one of my
clients and just marveled at the wonderful energies that I felt, not even realizing until got
home that those energies had been initiated by me and administered by the divine realms

of love and light.

There is no program out there like mine and I know that it will give your great momentum
and grace and ease in overcoming the challenges and struggles that you are facing
now!!!!!!!! And of course as I said, I cannot say enough about the flower essences as
fantastic tools for clearing our core issues and old, and if you would like I can do a
complimentary reading that will show you the way to your most complete and miraculous
expression of Creator’s grace. Just reply to this newsletter or contact me through the




Last May, Universal Mother Mary asked for the first time to organize a group that
would receive the Twin Flame Healings. These healings were to be
administered by Our Divine Mother and she asked that a
group receive them so that we could amplify the energy
of this theme of the reconcilliation of the Twin Flame
relationships. And although I never feel quite deserving of
such requests, I ask you, how else is Our Divine Mary going to
carry this out?
To get a large enough group, she asked that these healings
be offered to my group free of charge, if the client was
receiving 4 healings or more per month. We have administered
6 Twin Flame healings now, one per month and the results have
been way beyond my expectations.
The difficulty of the Twin Flame relationship is that it
is an immediate mirror and the deep and profound
lesson (yes struggle) is to watch that mirror and
constantly watch your own thoughts, judgements,
emotions and just about every aspect of ourselves, so
that the mirror eventually becomes transparent. There
is no faster way to clear yourself of your issues than by
interaction with your Twin Flame. There is as well, no
more profound way to be as initmate and as fulfilled as
you can be in the Twin Flame relationship. AND there is
no faster way to clear ourselves of all of our junk. The
sublime truth of all of this, is that by fast forwarding our
own clearing, the whole of humanity is speeding up its
transformation and expansion.
One of you asked the question of me recently which
was that you were wondering if I am with my Twin
Flame and yes, I am. I have been with my Twin Flame
since the year 2000. I will be writing more about that
relationship as time goes on, but I will tell you that it is most
definitely challenging (and we are asked to model the Twin
Flame relationship as a frequency way of being for all of
consciousness, and if you are involved you also are being asked
to model this, to raise the vibration of the world and beyond).
This work will change the way every being on our dearest Gaia
will be in relationship. With all kinds of old ways of being
in relationship around us, we are asked to rise above
these archaic ways and set a new standard based on
the new paradigm – Heaven on Earth – that we are
moving towards. We desperately need this now!
I can’t begin to cover all that is happened for my
clients as it relates to the Twin Flame relationship, but I
can tell you that it has run the gamut of miraculous
reunions, intense interactions where the tide runs in on
the relationship and then literally and completely runs

out on the relationship and then once again runs in
again and a whole, whole bunch of s___ hitting the fan
in terms of issues, old ways of being and doing in
relationship, habits of patterning and conditioning in
the way we deal with ourselves, with others and with
Creator. Phew. It has been challenging! Anyway, we are
making unbelievable progress and it has just been unbelievably
amazing to watch the courage of those standing up and taking
action on this challenge!!!!!
I was guided to offer the Twin Flame healing tonight
and the Twin Flame healing on November 30th at no
cost what-so-ever if you sign up for 4 healings $125)
for the month of November. If you signed up
separately for the two Twin Flame healings it would cost
$110. You will have to act now so we can fit your healing in
tonight. Reply to this email that you would like to do this and
then go to:

and sign up for the 4 healings under the Remote Healing
Program category. You will never regret it!!!!!!! Many love and
light blessings, elizabeth