Hi Everyone! All true seekers eventually ask the fascinating question
that, no matter how the query is phrased, boils down to this:

“I have desires, goals, and intentions that I have held deep

within my heart, but I sometimes wonder if they are truly what my soul’s

destiny expression wants for me?”

Here is an answer that I hope will bring you greater understanding and

inner peace:

As we walk this soul journey path, this great question about what we desire as
contrasted to what the divine desires for us comes up now and then in our
lives. From my experience, and by witnessing the experiences of my clients, I
feel that it can be said that the more that we are on the conscious path of
spiritual unfoldment, (doing all we can to grow spiritually) the more we get to
marvel at the wisdom of the divine knowing what we need, as contrasted to
what we think we need.

It is helpful to remember, that even if we do desire something; if it isn’t in our
best interest at that time, it is quite likely that it wouldn’t happen because we
are then much more apt to generate more karma, a denser dimension, a
leaking energetic system, and more entanglement which just makes us go
backward and ends up giving us much more soul work to do in this lifetime and

We come to learn that there is a more exquisite divine timing for our desire to
manifest and that it may flower into a bloom we weren’t even able to
preconceive. We comprehend that there are still issues to clear and
circumstances to develop or dissolve that will make the desired life experience
so much better at a later time. Or there will be a profound shapeshift that leads
us into a perception that is entirely magical and miraculous about a situation
that did not seem magical and miraculous at the time.
The outcome we eventually do receive is so much more divine and way
beyond our expectations. By permitting for the divine way, our inner SOURCE-
driven compass allows the highest and purest path. We access higher and
higher dimensional realities. We find ourselves experiencing more and more
euphoria which transpires/manifests as we reach greater and greater complete
transparency of our energetic totality. The more that we live this, the more
others are inspired, and also, even more sublime, a shift in our own
consciousness has a huge impact on world consciousness. Surrendering to the
will of the divine brings about the most sublime, exquisite, ageless, and
miraculous outcome.

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always dearest ONES, with love and light frequencies, elizabeth (oh, and
guess what, the less dense we become (by surrendering more and more)
the less we age!!!!)

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