ShareWould you like to play at creating a woodland environment for the nature spirits and fairies
that have moved in for the winter? Remember, as always, energy follows intention, and
when you intend to invite more fairies into your surroundings they will come. Here are

things that you may need to start your own!!!!
Glass Container with a Lid
River Rocks or Pebbles
Fresh Mosses
Sphagnum Moss
Fairy Assessories
Low Flat Container for Water
Miniature Plants

I have included a few general instuctions for your Fairy Terrarium – there are lots more
online! You can start with the pebbles in one area and the moss in another area. Soak the
moss in water before placing it on the floor of your terrarium. In the areas where you are
going to put your plants, add a layer of peat moss over the moist sphagnum. Create a
“miniscape” that would perhaps include a bridge over a path of pebbles or a bowl of water as
a miniature lake. Once you have added the plants, add “fairy” embellishments.
Any terrarium does best situated in filtered sun. Avoid direct sunlight and do not over
water. Just misting a terrarium is usually enough, every 2 – 3 weeks.