“More in not better, enough is better.”


     “My children, I am Mary and we stand here within the portal of the Rainbow Garden of Love and Light and we delight in seeing all of you. When I say “we” I mean legions of non-physical beings, all of love and light frequencies are attending to thee this day. Children, we, on the non-physical realms have talked together and we see that you are following your hearts and spirits and finally taking the steps on your journey based on a more finely tuned intuition and we are gladdened and congratulate you dear ONES.


     However, we also see that you are impossibly distracted and at times you are even degrading yourselves given the level of consciousness that you have attained. I know I speak harshly, but be observant. Lend a greater ear to your soul and spirit and abide by the directives. Your concerns related to being driven in social interaction, material wealth and other distractions are so out of proportion to what would be your most divine expression. You are missing the target here and we tell you to transcend these intellectual fabrications.
     More in not better, enough is better children. Certainly you, my chosen ones, recognize the need to overcome being pressed and driven practically into submission by some domineering forces. You, children are the ones that can recognize this spiritual test (or trap – it is your choice) and gather up the courage and determination to overcome these distractions.


     We present you today with the gift we ask you to call CONDENSED TRUTH. You do know your paths but you are running here and running there and are getting caught up in cages that have those wheels in them and you are running very fast and at times accomplishing little and wasting precious spiritual fuel.
     My dearest ONES, this essence CONDENSED TRUTH will help you to see your truth through a magnifying glass and get you focused on the most important steps to take to manifest your truest calling. Establish the purest pieces of your work first and everything else will progress. Like those gears that are included in the plastic building blocks for children; once one is running the other gears will automatically move as well. Who is driving these gears? The divine forces drive these gears.
     Give up your worlds of distractions. Do not degrade yourselves with mindless pursuits. The gifts of a spiritual life are calling quietly to you. Pay them heed. Be mindful. The inner peace, the contentment, the bliss, and the ecstasy want to burn through this dross.”


     The flower essences stepping up in service to this essence are Mediterranean Thistle, Milk Thistle (photo above) Mignonette, Catmint, Oxeye Daisy, Hyssop, Mango , Spanish Needles, Prairie Dogbane, Macadamia, Mustard Flower and Vanta Orchid.