Aloha everyone! I am currently in Kauai collecting flower essences. The word Aloha is a greeting, a farewell, a way to thank someone, a way to say “I love you,” and a way to wish someone good will. Aloha comes to you from a native as a whispering or illumination. The sounds of the word pronounced with consciousness, kind of embrace you and melt into your energetic totality. The air is full of the aloha letters:). Some times you hear”my aloha to you” as the aloha is being sent. OrI have heard “they desire their aloha to be with you.” The word represents to me all the kindness and compassion that a word in a language can express. Very beautiful word. Words should be beautiful right? Makes all the people and the animals and the plants soft
and lovely. Also a very convenient word!!!

It takes time to collect flower essences, as you have to wait until the devas invite you to do so. I am staying at a
beautiful home on two acres, but more importantly, right next door is a botanical garden that I have full access to!!!! I am so very grateful forthis opportunity. One of the very special flowers that I have collected so far is the flowering Blue Jade which is shown above. These flowers hang from vines and sway in the tropical breezes dancing in their divinity! Divine guidance was showing that the Blue Jade is for”bringing in something out of thin air.” Also I heard the words: “swift and robust manifestation.” And more specifically I am shown that the Blue Jade is for writing poetry. Amazingly, I have been writing poetry ever since I collected that essence. Something I couldn’t even begin to imagine doing at home in Wisconsin (I have tried!!!!) I mean I couldn’t even string two words together. The right essences make a big difference for our creative flow!!!!!!!!!!! Scroll down for more lovely flowering Blue Jade!