Hi Everyone! The last couple of newsletters have covered a lot about
adult relationships and I thought it would be fun to write about our
relationships with our precious children and grandchildren. Over the
years I have been so inspired by the shares I have received from
clients regarding their families. As you may know, anytime that you
enroll in my healing program, the entire household is included. So if
you decide to enroll a daughter or son, know that their children will
also reeive healings.

Here is a wonderful testimonial I received a few days ago:

“I am in awe of what the healing energies have done and are constantly doing.
As you know, I’ve had the incredible fortune to be with you, Liz, since the beginning.
I have received the blessings of the healing energy, my children have received the
blessings of the healing energy and my grandchildren have been receiving the blessings
since conception.

I realize that all grandmothers are proud and may brag, but I believe that this is much more

than that. I believe the statistics speak for themselves.

I have 9 grandchildren ages 16-2.

The 4 eldest are extraordinary athletes. Specifically, the eldest has consistently
won/placed in his cross country races. Recently as a high school competitor, he was
recovering from Covid, had breathing issues, and still managed to qualify for state
competition. He is also a martial artist and qualified to compete in the 2023 World
Championship in Greece. He earned 3 gold medals there and 1 bronze.
My 9 year old is in his second year of hockey. He is ranked #1 out of over 800 kids in the
state of Wisconsin.

Academically the healing energies are powerful as well. I have twin grandsons now in 4th
grade. One is exceptionally bright (scored in the upper 3% of the nation) and one was
really struggling academically. A huge discrepancy. Lots of prayers/healings directed that
way. Now the naturally bright one is testing off the charts. But much more importantly, the
one that was struggling in school is excelling. He is top of his class.
I see the power of these healings working on the emotional level as well.
Last year my tender, empathetic 12 year old grandson developed anxiety as many others
have due to the upheaval of Covid. It broke my heart.

His issues were fairly severe.

We covered him with prayer and healings. Now he is so much better!

This energy is balm for the soul.
Blessing, after blessing, after blessing…

This is such a great relief for a mother/grandmother. I no longer worry. Of course I’m
concerned, but I no longer worry. When anything comes up, I trust that all will be healed

according to the Divine plan.

I find great peace and comfort in the knowledge that these beautiful, Divine energies

constantly surround, protect and heal us.

I am thrilled that these energies spur us on to excelling in all of our endeavors and to

become the very best we can be.

Just wow!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Eternal gratitude!”

I am sympathetic to those of you that want to add family members in
other households. If you are receiving the healings for yourself, then I
always offer the 4 healings a week program at $125 for the month, rather

then the $175 that is the typical cost.
Here is another testimonial:

“I can’t get over what a difference I see in my 15 year old daughter since we signed up for
the healings in November. She was starting to make poor decisions in her choice of
friends and that has completely turned around. She would not look at me (or others) in the
eye when she was speaking and now she does. She seems so much more confident.
Elizabeth, you said that she would be more connected with her divine guidance, and I see
that. She seems to know who she is now and pursues her interests with a new confidence
that I haven’t seen before.

Another thing that I have noticed is that she is willing to contribute more to us as a family.
It is just me and her, and before she was withdrawn. Now, out of the blue,she has started
to do some cooking and seems more willing to do things with me from time to time. So
thank-you Elizabeth, for myself I feel that the healings have been wonderful. I feel
perceptions about myself shifting into more positive outlooks. I feel change and
movement in my body where before I felt so stuck and stagnant. I feel grounded and
empowered. I feel happy. So not only have these healings been great for me, but I see
really positive change in my daughter.”

If you have anxiety you might like a book that I am reading right now:

I am loving this new book by James Nestor called Breath – The New
Science Of A Lost Art. Nestor draws on thousands of years of ancient
knowledge of the breath and adds to it; recent studies in pulmonology,
psychology, and physiology. You will learn that how you breathe is
related to so many areas of your health and even the straightness of your
teeth and the alignment of the vertebrae of your back. You will learn that
mouth breathing is detrimental and know exactly why. You will
understand the reasons for snoring, sleep apnea, interrupted sleep, and
other sleeping challenges.. Here is one quotation from the book:
“In a single breath, more molecules of air will pass through your nose
than all the grains of sand on all the world’s beaches-trillions and trillions
of them. These little bits of air come from a few feet or several yards
away. As they make their way toward you, they’ll twist and spool like the
stars in a Van Gogh sky….”

Here is one of Nestor’s recommendations for anxiety, sleep challenges,
and much more. It is called the 4-7-8 breath:


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