Based on all of the readings I’m doing, divine guidance is letting us know that the energies of prosperity and abundance are showering upon those that are truly taking the time and effort to manifest the most complete expression of their own soul destiny path. This is a time to be intent on your dreams and desires as they will manifest in accordance with divine timing and the unification of our entire soul retrieval and energetic totality. One essence that flying out the doors based on the readings is Universal Mother Mary’s BOUNTIFUL EMBRACE and this gorgeous flower known as Lenten Rose or Hellibore (photo above) is found in this fabulous combination. Lenten Rose is a soul full flower and speaks to manifestation and prosperity. Here is the complete explanation of BOUNTIFUL EMBRACE whose affirmation is ” I am the unlimited potential and expressions of divine prosperity and abundance on all levels of my being.”


Universal Mother Mary speaks: “Feel by beloved children, feel how I embrace you, as if you are my sweet bouquet, not merely of roses, but of all flowers. For as your Mother, I embrace the uniqueness, the bounty, the beauty, the strength, and the diversity of each of you. I gather you each as my bouquet of love in my bountiful embrace. Sweet angels, men and women of Gaia, I give to you once again my bounty. I call you to my arms, to my sweet embrace and my bounty is not merely yours, it is the bounty of all and it is the bounty of divine perfection. Bounty of all, bounty of creation and co-creation, of balance, of abundance and of understanding. As I gather each of you into my bountiful embrace, each of you shares that embrace with many others. You can communicate this embrace through your fields with every being that you encounter. Come child, come rest in my arms and receive onto your sacred self, my BOUNTIFUL EMBRACE flower essence combination.”

Dune Lily Thorn – For abundance and for never returning to non-abundance.
Holds us in the abundance that is our birthright.
Dandelion – Very empowering and one of the finest essences for all aspects of
healing our totality. Represents the 3rd chakra energies of empowerment. It is
so ironic that we try to kill all of our dandelions in our lawns.
Hellebore or Lenten Rose – This beautiful flower is for perfection and purity. It is
for distilling out all of the negativity and for relishing the knowledge around who
we are and what we are accomplishing for the planet. Encourages us to bring
our soul destiny to its ultimate perfection without compromise.
Lomatium – Flourishing in the world.
Sunflower – Long known as a super empowering flower for unfolding into our
unique soul destiny. Brings forth great amounts of abundance and its plant
signature is the huge number of seeds in spiral formation that represents the
golden rule.
Magnolia – Brings about the feeling of support and ease, but that is based on
careful formation of a strong foundation.
Desert Gold – Huge abundance even if the collective are being naysayers around
prosperity and abundance. Good for when the news media is going into fear
around abundance.
Blue Penstemon – Highly beneficial for our understanding of the issues that we
need to clear around being in overflowing abundance. Brings new revelations
around how we thing about prosperity. Helps bring about alignment with divine
forces for abundant lives.
Passion Flower – It is not surpising that this flower is for following our passions.

This plant has a complex sacred geometry and it has the ability to hold us in our passion and help us to follow the river of our passion. When we are divinely guided and following that river of guidance, we cannot fail in our quest for abundant and prosperous lives.

Jasmine – Helps us to see where the grass is already green and where it is not.
Gives clarity as to when to move towards greener pastures and when you
should stay put, even if the current situation does not appear to be the right
Moonlight Datura – Helps us to find the rhythms that create abundance in our
Columbia Lily – Abundance amidst scarcity.

Sunflower’s hold the wisdom imprint of the Golden Mean – this essence found
in our abundance essence BOUNTIFUL EMBRACE. Order this essence and many
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