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The Language of Flowers

Here we have the astonishingly beautiful Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine and Temple dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda, a yogi, guru and saint that is so very dear to me. His book - Autobiography of A Yogi literally "woke me up" when I was 23 years old. Waves...

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Namaste’ Everyone

Namaste' Everyone!!!!!!!! I am hoping your solstice times are filled with all of the light activations and spectrums that are being showered upon us in these next few weeks. And wow, what a fabulously fantastic year it has been! I hope you are all having a beautiful...

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Healer Credentials

If you are serious about receiving powerful remote healing energies, I recommend that you check the credentials of the healer you have in mind. Check out this link for 8 published papers in peer reviewed scientific journals that validate my remote healing abilities! I...

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Angelic Presence

The holiday season is such a special time of year. The days are darker longer, so we have to think of ways to bring greater light and warmth and (why not?) even more love into our homes. I delight in the process of decorating my home, and for me and I am sure for you...

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Hildegard of Bingen

Hildegard of Bingen gets my vote for Patron Saint of Ecology because she is so deeply ecological in her spirituality. In Matthew Fox's Iluminations of Hildegard of Bingen he notes that in these times, there needs to be a progression from an egological to ecological...

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PINK ROSES (From the Mary Essence Collection)

"I walk the road strewn with pink roses that leads to the town named Wellness."   This sublime flower essence remedy holds 13 pink rose flower essences, co-created with the help of The Divine Mother. Universal Mother Mary, asked that we place  together in an alchemy...

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Divine Guidance & Courage

Hi Everyone! Divine guidance has me thinking about courage these past few days and how, in order to imbue our soul character with courage we are faced with challenges and struggles in our lives. These are auspicious times to embrace our struggles. Indeed in these...

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Pure Joy

As you all know, I have been studying and training with Mahendra Trivedi since 2010. He has been a tremendous influence in my life and I owe the scientific validation (with more publications coming soon!) of my healing abilities to Mahendra Trivedi and his efforts on...

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