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Rose – Life Cycles

I took this picure in a trailer park in Florida. This rose (unidentified) was completely neglected, growing at the back of an old trailer, but the whole plant was still flourishing. See the bud at the top, a rose in its full glory of blooming the middle, and then, at...

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Special Prayers – Nature

Hi Everyone! We are in the midst of SPECIAL PRAYERS - a most profound spiritual practice to magnetize in energetic mometum for our soul and spirit, I do not know the author of the following quotation, but it is one that I hold quite sacred: "The closer we are to...

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Everyone!!! SPECIAL PRAYERS is an auspicious spiritual tradition that has taken place for hundreds of years in eastern Asian countries. This period of 9 OR 10 days, (DEPENDS ON THE MOON PHASES) that happens both in the spring and the fall, is part of a natural cycle...

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Special Prayers

During the period between March 18 and March 25, nature offers special energies to those deserving seekers who resonate with the qualities of divine resonance. The ritual of SPECIAL PRAYERS helps you to magnetize in these profound energies and you can literally store...

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Facial Rejuvenation

We love, love, love our new FACIAL REJUVENATION SPRAY BOTTLE but we have kept the ingredients just the same because they were perfect in the first place!!! THOSE PESKY 2 OZ. ATOMIZERS JUST NEVER SPRAY THAT WELL SO WE HAVE CHANGED IT UP AND MADE OUR FACIAL REJUVENATION...

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Inner Stillpoint

Recently a client requested a reading specifically around her issue of wanting to improve her memory, increase her alertness and a desire to be able to hold an inner stillpoint for longer periods. She knows that in order to co-create with the non-physical realms, it...

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Hi Everyone!!!!!!!! This past weekend a small group of us were invited back to Nevada for more fire ceremonies with Mahendra Trivedi. This was so that we would be able to have more continued momentum for our transformation and evolution (Ascension is another term for...

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Helenium – Clear Smoking Habit

The flower photo above is Helenium. She has that kind of laugh that can never be just a small laugh, she says you must almost howl with laughter at the process of being human. She says that when you partake of her essence she will get you to laugh with abandon. This...

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The Language of Flowers

Here we have the astonishingly beautiful Self Realization Fellowship Lake Shrine and Temple dedicated to Paramahansa Yogananda, a yogi, guru and saint that is so very dear to me. His book - Autobiography of A Yogi literally "woke me up" when I was 23 years old. Waves...

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