If I am asked what spiritual practice I recommend, this is hands down, one of my favorites. BE HOLD BEAUTY is a flower essence combination that Universal Mother Mary asked to have co-created to support the spiritual practice described below. When we speak of co-creation, we mean that we realize that there are vast arenas of knowledge and assistance that we know very little of. There are non-physical beings on other dimensions that are readily available to assist, if we would just pay attention. The perspective from “upstairs” gives the ability to see the whole picture and this is particularly important from the vantage point of the human energetic totality that interfaces with all of these other dimensions. Here are the inspirational words of Mother Mary for her astonishing gift to us! Seems like a beautiful gift for yourself during the holiday season. Will keep you focused on what is really important this time of year:)


Affirmation – ” I maintain beauty for Nova Earth by fully experiencing and living the beauty all around me in every moment.”

“I am Mary. Blessed are those that walk the Earth and feel the beauty of our precious Gaia beneath their feet and the sun kisses, the moon kisses and the star kisses upon their skin. Blessed are those that hear the beauty of the bird song, the breath of the wind and the beat of a heart. Blessed are those that inhale the fragrance of the pine forests or the flowers of a meadow. Blessed are those that taste the Earth’s crystal waters and the sweet milk of their mothers. And blessed are those that truly see the kaleidoscopic array of an infinite number of images of beauty, recorded with both the physical and inner eyes.
Whirl and dance within your senses to the endless variety of forms of beauty on this Blessed Earth, within the celebration of the body you call human. “Be.” “Hold.” In other words, “BE” the one that “HOLDS” the vibration of beauty for the planet. Is this understood? You, my dear Ones, you that call yourselves human, you “HOLD” the key to how life on Earth can “BE” experienced. As you walk the Earth, all that is necessary, indeed it is part of the assignment, is for you to “be” and “hold” with your conscious intent, your complete experience of beauty. This and only this creates your reality.
So you are here and behold beauty and you are there and behold, you experience beauty and everywhere you turn you are that tuning instrument, an image contained that tunes it’s resonance towards images of beauty. “Be” “Held” my dearest Ones, be held by the ONE that holds you. Take a step and hold beauty, take a step and hold beauty, this is my desire, my meditation for the inhabitants of this Earth that hold the mission of “holding” beauty close. Like a bottle holding a fluid, my dearest children, hold beauty of our Gaia.
NOW. In this moment see yourself as beauty. You are beauty full. The amount of radiance coming from you is a direct reflection of the amount of beauty you “hold.” Beholden in beauty, bound in gratitude. Holding beauty you are beholden in beauty.”
(Anchor flowers are Siberian Iris, Sweet William, Tree Medik, Purple Love Glass, Shooting Star, Ocean Morning Glory, Passion Flower (photo above) and other flowers that we, as yet, are unable to identify coming in on the ethers.)
Note: In The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, Thomas Kuhn proposes that paradigm shifts become necessary when the “plausibility structure” of the previous paradigm becomes so full of holes and patchwork “fixes,” that a complete overhaul, which once looked impossible now appears to be a lifeline, a necessity to continuing life as we know it.
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I hope you all are enjoying the beauty of this time of year. Although the weather is cold and it is often snowing, there is the opportunity to enjoy the contrast between the desolate frozen landscape and the warmth within the heart and the three flames of the heart chakra chalice burning bright. Dramatic contrasts will always amplify our experience! If you would like to purchase BE HOLD BEAUTY or any other essences, pleaseĀ shop our online store today.

I am always delighted to give guidance on an individual basis. Just call or reply to this newsletter. The number to call is 715-272-1593. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (For more about the Threefold Flame at the heart chakra chalice, read about the following Mary Essences at www.spiritwatergardens.com. BLUE DIAMOND, (the flame for healing and wisdom) PINK DIAMOND (the flame for divine love and holding space for divine love) and GOLD DIAMOND (the flame for divine empowerment).

Elizabeth Patric