Hi Everyone, I am huge into astrological and astronomical events but I don’t often let on do I?
Many of you have been sharing with me so I know you have been feeling the build up of some
really powerful energies and yes, you are right on. These are some buckle-up for the shake down
and shake up kind of energies that happen every so often that WILL be kicking some a__!
Starting today and going through the rest of the month of August, 2017 promises to be one of the
most if not the most potent month for reinventing our lives in all of 2017. Today, August 7th is the

date of an exceedingly significant lunar eclipse. All lunar eclipses are about releasing and letting
go but this one, with it’s very unstable energies will be followed by a solar eclipse on August 21st
, an event that will quite likely feel like a mighty kick – butt energy release. So it is not so much
that the lunar eclipse is a big deal, which it is, but being followed by this powerful solar eclispse

that makes it so incredibly significant.

So let’s start with today’s lunar eclipse. This eclipse will leave us feeling shakey or volatile and
start to bring things to a head. This is so you can clear the way and make room for the rest of the
energy that will come with the solar eclipse in 2 weeks. After today you will be releasing and
letting go and you don’t even want to try to hold on to even a little piece of what is melting away.
Don’t even try to grab for a piece of that chunk of butter that is melting before your eyes! You have
to be in full trust for what is unfolding next, and not hold on to what you had before. It’s not important


Today’s energies also activate a portal of magical healing powers and wisdom. We will feel like
we are waking up to our magician within. While you have not had the courage to release before, the
universe will now intervene on your behalf and put you on a fast track to get you where you have
always wanted to be. This is part of the magic! You will forced to think outside of the box, in these
next weeks and be following more closely then ever before, your own inspiration. You will be
called upon to trust yourself and please – forget trying to live up to other’s expectations!!!
As we move toward the solar eclipse you are going to be very triggered. This is revolutionary
energy that will definitely take you out of your comfort zone. It will force you to pave your own way
and to do away with those aspects of your life that are not at the highest level of your integrity and
soul journey path. The energies will help you to get really clear about what you really want and
bring rise to your own true soul and spirit calling. If you are meant to do a 180 in order to
accomplish your path, you WILL be turned around in your tracks.

Enjoy this journey! If you intuit that you could use some support during these times (yes the divine
likes us to connect with others that bring support and nurturing) please do consider the most
amazing benefits of the flower essences that are a direct gift of Gaia for our use during times just

like this. Some essences that will be good for these next few weeks are:
LIGHTENED UP – (helps us to clear issues and process through very efficiently)
MAGICIAN – (this Mary Essence is such a gift for meeting up with our inner magician)
INNER CALM- (keeps the lake of the mind calm while chaos is all around)
DIVINE GUIDANCE- (helps us to hear divine guidance especially during unstable times)
EMOTIONAL ACCORD – (assists with emotional balance as we express our emotions in positive

ways without incurring karma)

DIVINE ORDER – (allows for the unfolding of events as divinely guided, without us getting in the


SOUL DESTINY – (gets us on track)

INTERWEAVING INTERLOCKING VORTICES – (puts us on track with our soul destiny path when
we have been way off track – even for those who were delayed or accelerated into birthdates that

were not of their destiny even if we have to do a 180.)

….and many others. I can do a reading for you (reply to this email) (call 715-272-1593) if you feel
that you need some extra guidance. The flower essences are arranged alphabetically under
“PRODUCTS A – Z at www.spiritwatergardens.com. Many of my clients scroll through these
essences and know the ones they need because they “light up.” You will be shown!!! Also I have
noticed a greater momentum and persistence than I have ever seen before for receiving the
healing energies from the Remote Healing Program. And the results are more amplified then ever

before!!! Visit the website:

and read about this incredible program. The first healing starts tonight, do it. You are worth it and
you are worth being taken care of through this huge buffet of healing energies of love and light
frequencies. We have also had some great testimonials around the HEALING THE TWIN FLAME
RELATIONSHIP that Universal Mother Mary has been administrating. See a few testimonials
below. Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (P.S. I am being reminded to remind you of the
concept of double destiny. This is the idea that if we do enough for ourselves we will “qualify” for a
higher destiny calling, a more miraculous blessed calling. The more that you do for your healing,
transformation and expansion of consciousness the more that the universe responds with showers

of grace and blessings.)

“I just felt the desire to tell you that after over a year (after no connection with my twin) I
received a message from my twin flame _____. It was pretty heart wrenching and he is telling
me that the year has been hell he has learned a lot here sorry for some things that he did and

that he misses me very much in his life.”

“There has been lots of changes since the last twin flame healing. And so fast it’s been hard to
keep up. _______ and I are living together now. I think he moved in within a week or so after the
healing. All of this is pretty miraculous. We are sticking together through it all and I feel our
relationship is stronger than it ever has been. There is so much more to tell.
I thank you so very much for all your work. I hope there is another opportunity to get another
twin flame healing in the near future. I think it would benefit to keep the momentum going.”


“These have been the greatest blessings. Thank you for offering them. I look forward to the
time when I can schedule more than one per week. I can really feel the transmissions. They
feel like visitations from FRIENDS in the Spirit realm. They help me feel really loved and
supported. I take a shower, sage myself and my bedroom, call in the Archangels, and go to
bed.I feel like I am being daily strengthened, balanced, cleansed, and LOVED in a most

profound way. ”

“Many of my changes have been so subtle that it is hard to separate them out from my daily
activities and experiences. There is just a REALLY DEEP FEELING that I am not alone even
when I am by myself.I feel also that these have been responsible for the positive feedback I get

from my patients about my “Healing Hands.”

“Hi Elizabeth, wow, thank you so much fr the Flower Essences reading. Amazing how accurate

these are for me. Yes, please send all 4.”

“Dear Elizabeth, thank you so much for this reading and beautiful essences!!! I received them
today and I’m overwhelmed by gratitude towards you and the universe, as well as admiration for
the important work that you do. The reading could not be more appropriate, insightful and
powerful. It gives me what I need to continue on the path of my mission. I will let you know how

this goes! “