Hi Everyone!!!!!!!! This past weekend a small group of us were invited back to
Nevada for more fire ceremonies with Mahendra Trivedi. This was so that we
would be able to have more continued momentum for our transformation and
evolution (Ascension is another term for this and we are in the very midst of
Ascension and we each are stepping forth to claim our the mastery of our Creator
selves.) How are YOU doing?

Why more cutting and polishing of the diamond selves (yes this is what
happens at a fire ceremony!!!) that we are? Because it takes complete
dedication and great perseverance, combined with resolute
determination and tenacity and sedulousness (YES all of this:) to become
the most complete expression of our soul destiny path. This is something
you have to work at my friends. It will not come to you while you sit on
the couch and complain.

As I knelt before the fire, I witnessed Mr. Trivedi dressed completely in white,
under the desert stars, the fragrant fire leaning towards him in the gentle
breeze and it seemed that he was a whole galaxy himself and suffused
my energetic totalities with the very nature of creation – and I was guided
that this was very direct route to divinity.

I have written about the fire spirits (in other emails – you can go to my
website and read these emails on my blog) that are invoked during fire
ceremonies for the purposes of burning our “garbage and debris” as well as
cutting and polishing the rough diamonds that we are and shared with you how
effective they are at doing this. One feels to be an intimate companion of the
universe during this time, I think because fire and light are such a basic elements
of the universes and multiuniverses that we are an integral part of.
Our momentum grew during and after the fire ceremonies towards becoming the
extraordinary being of that of our most unlimited potentials and additional
options for our divine destinies became available. One major revelation for
me was that I just knew on a quantum level that now I give up even the notion
of obstacles and when I declare this, the obstacles give up on me.
(Thank-you Jean Houston for part of this thought revelation).
Mr. Trivedi shared with us also, his new definition of consciousness. The old
definition was already sublime – he said that the comprehensiveness of your
consciouness was equal to the comprehensiveness of your awareness. His new
definition is even better – he says that “raising your consciousness is
based on your ability to harness the divine grace of nature.” Gotta love
this!!!!!! (Oh and the prime time to harness the divine powers of nature is to do
this during SPECIAL PRAYERS – mark your calendars – this begins March 18th this

My dearest friends, my dearest ONES, don’t even bother with the
questions or the answers, instead transcend to just becoming divine
presence. You are that which eternally creates beauty if your totality

lingers in the presence of the divine.
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“Thank you Elizabeth for all that you