The holiday season is such a special time of year. The days are darker longer, so we have
to think of ways to bring greater light and warmth and (why not?) even more love into our
homes. I delight in the process of decorating my home, and for me and I am sure for you
too – it is so much about bringing great amounts of light and joy into our surroundings and
spaces and greater light and warmth into our hearts.

All that sparkle and shine delights the angelic realms as well as the deva/fairy/nature
spirit realms and I guarantee that there will be plenty of love and light energies visiting your
home over this holiday season. Essences to attract the angelic realm include ANGELIC

(We are told that “legions” of angels come with taking this essence that then give
you a much greater “platform” or support for your dreams to come into reality.

Often this essence brings what is known as angelic “holding” in that angels walk a
path that denotes the infinity sign around a certain situation or even a couple. This
is for holding power. I have seen this essence win what seemed like impossible

court cases and galvanize relationships)

THREE ANGELS (each of us was born with 3 guardian angels and this essence
assists us in becoming more connected to these miraculous helpers that for the
most part, many of us ignore.) and ANGEL CONNECTION which is a spray with the
fragrance of the flower of Angelica and many essences that are know to attract

the angelic realms.

Speaking of sprays, the divine guidance regularly shows that our wonderful spray PURE JOY
during the holidays brings much needed support and balance to a holiday that often is just
so darn materialistic. We have suffused the wonderfully joyful energies of several different
Orange blossom species to create our Fragrance Spray essence PURE JOY. This uplifting
combination brings ongoing joy into our lives. We learn that joy does not come
from outside sources, but overflows continuously from the inside of our hearts.
Now, for the warmth in our hearts the following essence comes up a lot during the holiday
season. This is an essence guided by the Divine Mother, Universal Mother Mary:


“I am attunement to the threefold flame of divine love,

divine wisdom and divine will.”

“I am here dearest children and I say onto you, be with me dearest ONES and
when I say this to you – “be with me” the meaning is threefold.
I ask of you to be with me – please walk beside me child, walk with me as you
would walk with a close friend – from time to time, our heads bowed together in
conference, at other times walking in concert with the melody of God’s voice in our
ears. I have been with planet earth since its inception and the roles that we are to
play quicken in these times. Walk with me and we shall be of one divine mind and

you will know your way in every moment.

The second meaning of my words “be with me” asks you to understand, not
intellectually but experientially to know my children that your heart and my heart
are the ONE heart and they beat together in concert. The chalice of my heart is my
home, OUR HOME, and I want you to sweep out the cobwebs and bring me home,
bring me home and together our work will unfold. No, not even for a moment have

I ever been anywhere but deep within your heart.

Yes, the third meaning of my words “be with me” is last, and it asks you dearest
ONES to tend the threefold flame within the chalice of your heart / my heart. As
you sit in contemplation, see at the center of your chest, the center of your
chalice, the pink flame of divine love and see to it that it burns bright. Now, at the
inside of your right rib cage burns the blessed blue flame of divine wisdom. See to
it that the blue flame of wisdom burn brightly. Now, at the inside of your left rib
cage is the golden flame of divine will. See to it that the golden flame burns bright.
The ritual of daily attending to the threefold flame will take on more meaning as
time passes, but for now, know that if you do not know what to do, that the very
“tending of the flames” will propel you forward, in grace, ease and perfection.
Dearest beings of the light, “be with me” as together we tend the threefold
flame of our journey together. Blessed be. I am Mary.”

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