Hi Everyone!!!!I just received a message from Universal Mother this morning that she will
be administering 4 TWIN FLAME BLESSINGS for the next 4 nights to finish off her
Month of Mary. And even if you are not signed up for any remote healing program, you
can receive one of these. Just reply to this email that you would like to do this and let
me know which night. Those in any of my remote healing programs will receive all 4.
Also, she will be administering blessings on each Monday night in June to anyone in my
healing programs that is receiving 4 healing or more. The energies are most auspicious
for this so if you haven’t signed up for healings before, this is a perfect time. Just go to
my website and on the menu bar, click on Healing Programs and you will find all of the
information that you need. Call me if you would like at 715-272-1593.
What is it like to be in the Twin Flame relationship? Know that you have to get to a
certain state of consciousness to be easily and gracefully into a completely exquisite
expression of this relationship. So constantly working to upgrade your consciousness is
the most important thing you can do. Then you will know this meltingly intimate
relationship that words can’t describe. There is a constant aura around the two of you
that is full of bliss and inner peace. You breathe the same breath and out of your eyes
and your twin’s eyes you see the same thing so it is very easy to comprehend the
sacred other. The relationship with the twin is like your relationship with Creator. You
are filled with awe in every moment about this sacred other. You are completely at ease

together and all issues have dissolved into nothingness.

Don’t think however, that you become the same, you do not. You blend, but you are
also completely at ease with yourself when you are not with the twin. You have no
worries around the relationship, you know it is perfect in every moment. After years of
mirroring each other, you master that game and overcome it. I can share more if you

would like, just let me know that this topic interests you and I will write more.
Of course nature has her gift to us of flower essences that can assist with this
journey and I include a photo of Twin Berry (also know as Partridge Berry)
below that is found in our Mary Essence Flower Essence combination RELEASE
TWIN FLAME KARMA. If you would like this you can go to the website – the
products are in alphabetical order under PRODUCTS A – Z or just call or reply
to the email. Help the whole world and beyond to get to a tipping point with
the TWIN FLAME relationship. We have a ways to go my friends!!!! What are
you waiting for? Make the commitment. How else are we going to do
this????? Many love and light blessings, elizabeth (P.S. You can request for

friends and family – just send their names)