How about that new SOUL RETRIEVAL essence combination you have read about? Or the KAUAIAN PARADISE essence combination? Or the RELEASE TWIN FLAME KARMA essence that has shown up in all the readings that show the SOUL RETRIEVAL? We are hearing from so many of you as to the great results that you are receiving through these incredible essence combinations! You can currently purchase any three $30 essence combinations for $75. We haven’t done this sale in a couple of years, but I heard clearly that this is something that I need to offer!!!! Use the code – 15free at the website to receive this discount. The flat rate shipping and handling is $7.95. (not international) This is just for the flower essence combinations (there are at least 140 different combinations to choose from) that are priced at $30. This rare sale does not include the fragrance sprays. Also this does not include the complimentary reading.

But YOU can choose yourself. Just go to the website and scroll through the essences under the menu item “Products A – Z” and feel with your heart which ones are right for you!!! Notice your body language also, you will feel yourself moving forward when an essence that is right for your energetic totality speaks to you. Also your soul and spirit will feel like dancing!!

Here are some other flower essence combinations that you might want to consider that have been flying out of here within the last week or so!

LEAP OF FAITH – taking those next steps to live the life you love
RECEIVE THE LOVE – clearing old patterns about giving and receiving – especially receiving
BE AND BE GUIDED – clearing old conditioning about how you THINK you “should ” be guided
PINK ROSES – clears stagnation in the lymphatic system
HONORING SELF AND OTHERS – clears judgement
LIGHTENED UP – accelerates ability to process through issues and dramas
TERRA FIRMA – the more grounded you are the more your antenna will reach up to “hear.”
MARY’S CLOAK- up your ability to handle negativity in your surroundings
SOUL DESTINY – holds your blueprint and unfoldment into your unique soul destiny path
DEPARTURE – helps us to move through grief in a healthy way
CHAKRA 5 – improves our ability to speak our truth in the face of opposing forces
BLUE STAR ACTIVATION – an initiation from Universal Mother Mary
LIGHT OF CLARITY – decision making essence, clears brain fog
DIVINE ORDER – helps us to see the wisdom of divine intervention in terms of timing
SUGAR CRAVINGS – clears that old feedback loop that is in our blood chemistry telling us we need sugar or other refined foods
PERFECT SKIN – all known essences for healthy skin functioning
THE GENESIS – support for the evolving heart, because of the ever lessening electromagnetic pull of the earth, clears palpitations, etc
EMBRACE THE PAUSE – support for the adrenals, exhaustion, r and r in a bottle
FOREST BATH – highly calming when we are starting to have physical symptoms for stress (ie. headache, high blood pressure etc.)

PROTECTED SLEEP – protection and hormonal support for healthy sleep
SOARING DOVE – overcome depression – joy in our service to humanity
PINK DIAMOND – pink flame for divine love and creating space around us in divine love
HANDS OF MARY – for those bringing in the healing energies of Universal Mother Mary
ELIMINATION OF LIMITATION – for those still having fear based issues around holding and being in the spotlight as light holders
FEMALE BALANCE – brings unbelievable support for hormonal issues at all ages
CO-CREATION – for those needing chakra activations to co-create with the non-physical realms
CREATIVE JOURNEY JOURNAL – shamanic traveling and journaling about it – creative flow

Again that code is 15free

How You Can Tell if Someone is Taking Our Flower Essences? I can always tell when someone is taking our flower essences. At the last conference / retreat I attended, several clients were there that have been taking my flower essences for years and they were literally glowing like light bulbs. Their eyes sparkle and are smiling. They were confident, connected to their divine guidance and in full knowledge of the most unlimited potential. The eyes are the window to see the soul and you could see that their soul and spirits were joyous and content. And why not? The deva, fairy and nature spirits are anxious to communicate their amazing healing abilities for not only mind and body, but also soul and spirit through the flower essences, a gift of dear Gaia. This is the true way that we were meant to continue to evolve and resonate with the Earth. I always feel so good, knowing that the Earth has created these “Earth Medicines” for our healing and transformation. We can trust the Earth!!!!!!

Remember, our flower essences are NEVER in alcohol. The deva and nature spirit energies are very compromised around alcohol. Don’t compromise the potency of your flower essences with alcohol based remedies!!!!

How to attract the magnificence of the divine grace? Make yourself transparent by clearing your old patterns and conditioning. Live a pure, honest life, full of integrity. Support those around you that are doing this pure, honest living. Create a community or network that amplifies this integrity. This is what was meant by living a life of poverty. It did not mean that you were “poor.” It meant that you had done the work to make yourself transparent and worthy of divine grace and helped others along their path. Have a blessed day full of love and light, elizabeth


“Thank you, Again Divine guidance is so accurate! Thank you so much for this reading.”

‘She {Elizabeth} makes THE MOST MAGICAL flower essences. She lives out in nature in Wisconsin and creates these potions from intuition and direct downloads. The way it works is she’ll schedule a quick call with you to get your imprint, then she meditates on you and is shown which of her 185 + flower essence combinations that she was guided to make over the last 20 years, will best suit you at this moment in your life. WITHOUT FAIL it’ll be EXACTLY what you’ll need at that moment. I’ve sent dozens of people to her and all report miraculous transformations from her products.”

“Yes I very much enjoyed my time with you. I feel so honored and blessed. Afterward my heart and lungs were overflowing with love, joy and ecstasy. Last night I woke at 12 am and my body was in my bed so light and free…”.

” I thought of you and the remarkable person you are and the incredible work and service you provide to so many people and the difference you are making in the world.”

“You make us believe we can overcome ourselves and move forward in our lives. Your messages inspire our hearts and free our wings to soar.”

“Thank you for being our anchor so we feel safe to be braver. Knowing you are there to help, a priceless gift. Thank you!”

“I only have just now realized how much time you spend on each of my family member’s healings. I thought you just did us as a group.” I am so very grateful and could see the individual changes.”