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Fragrance Spray Collection Info

You all tell me how wonderful our fragrance sprays are and I can't agree more. You tell me you use them all the time and so do I!!!!! Each of them has such a unique array of benefits for our entire energetic totality. Our Fragrance Spray Collection is often...

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Any 3 Essences for $75!

ANY THREE ESSENCES = $75 ! How about that new SOUL RETRIEVAL essence combination you have read about? Or the KAUAIAN PARADISE essence combination? Or the RELEASE TWIN FLAME KARMA essence that has shown up in all the readings that show the SOUL RETRIEVAL? We are...

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Kauaian Paradise

Because so many of you called or emailed asking for a combination of all of the flower essences that were collected in Kauai, we made this special combination called KAUAIAN PARADISE ($30 lasts about a month) just for you!!! You will have to call (715-272-1593) or...

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Collecting Flower Essences in Kauai

Aloha everyone! I am currently in Kauai collecting flower essences. The word Aloha is a greeting, a farewell, a way to thank someone, a way to say "I love you," and a way to wish someone good will. Aloha comes to you from a native as a whispering or illumination. The...

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Plant Signatures

PLANT SIGNATURES Plants communicate their uses through various "signs" with what is known as "The Doctrine of Signatures." A Swiss doctor in the Renaissance popularized this theory through his wide spread healing activities. His name was Theophrastus Bombastus Van...

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